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Spiritual Counseling

Sacred Mists now provides Spiritual Counseling to both our current students and those external to our College training programs. Our Spiritual Counseling is offered in a caring, pagan-focused environment by skilled spiritual counselors who are ready to provide you with guidance, insight and support.

Our Spiritual Counseling offerings are as follows:

  • By appointment only
  • Ideally is handled via private instant messenger or email (can be scheduled via telephone as well, if preferred)
  • Will implement divination and/or spell casting into the counseling process for insight and guidance, if needed or requested
  • Will be completely confidential
  • Will require a moderate honorarium for sessions, in advance
  • Can be scheduled one-time or as regular sessions, according to your specific needs and requests
  • Available in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions online or via telephone, and can be accommodated as frequently as desired
  • Wiccan-based spiritual counseling that can address interpersonal issues, family life and/or transitions, job concerns, difficulties, spiritual challenges or any other issues where you would benefit from the aid of skilled spiritual counseling.
  • Standard Honorarium for Spiritual Counseling Services:
  • $40.00 - $65.00 per 30 minute to one-hour session.
  • Sliding scale honorarium available, based on need and availability.
  • Additional divination and/or spell casting services available.

    Please Fill Out the Following Form Completely

    Student ID (if you have one):
    Full Name:
    Email Address:
    Preferred Time/Days:
    Desired Counseling Appointment Length
    (30 minutes or one hour):
    Desired Counseling Medium (online/phone)
    Please provide a brief description for seeking counseling:
    Would you like divination and/or spell work to be part of your session? (Yes/No/No Preference)
    How would you prefer to submit your honorarium for counseling services? (PayPal, Credit Card or Money Order)
    Would you consider your counseling request urgent? (Yes/No)

    Please note that Sacred Mists Spiritual Counseling is not psychotherapy, psychiatry or any other medically recognized form of counseling. We do however offer spiritual counseling that can help you to move through issues and areas in your life that you are experiencing blockages in. We are trained spiritual counselors however we are not licensed therapists. Anyone within Sacred Mists offering spiritual counseling under Sacred Mists guidance is a 3rd Degree Initiate or higher and has been recognized as a Priest or Priestess of Sacred Mists and therefore is provided acknowledgement to hold the ability provide insight into situations for the benefit of themselves and others. Should you feel a danger to yourself or others, we urge you to seek out a licensed professional for help.

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