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Progressive Magic Course
Student Testimonials

Speaking from Experience

When considering entrance into any training program, the most common question that often goes unasked is, "What can I expect and what will I gain?"  We hope that by reading some of the testimonials that past and current Progressive Magic students have written about their own experiences, you will get a feel for what you can expect when you, yourself, become a student and member of the Progressive Magic Certification Course taught by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. We look forward to having you join us as a new student in this amazing and unique program!

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There are countless books and classes, seminars and teaching programs, this is something else altogether. I came to Progressive Magic as a practicing witch with 15 years of experience in group and solitary, needless to say that carried its own confidence in my abilities. This course gave me the incalculable gift of taking me back to the beginning and rediscovering the Craft all over again in a deeper, more profound level. The assignments are well constructed, the research projects leave any practitioner well rooted in our history and the responsibility of co-creating our future. All designed to engage the student at the level they need to explore as part of the complete experience. Beyond the pathworkings and the work itself, we have the opportunity to talk with Janet and Gavin, really talk, ask questions and exchange ideas in a supportive atmosphere. This alone is priceless. Janet and Gavin have said, "first thing magic changes is the self." This course is magic, this course is changing.
~ Siouxi

I was quite optimistic when I began this class, and who would not be? A seven month class authored and moderated by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone that is offered through Sacred Mists . . . what more could I ask for? This class is everything you would expect it to be and much, much more! The Progressive Magic Class is a wonderful opportunity for any Student or Seeker to create a strong foundation and then build upon it, no matter what your level of experience. Live chats with Janet and Gavin are provided on a regular basis, the lessons are challenging and filled with useful information, and the practical exercises offer the potential for countless powerful “aha!” moments as the lesson information is brought to life in a unique way for each Student. I am someone who needs to know why and how things work, and thanks to this truly awesome class I know how and I know why! I have increased my knowledge base, my ability to put that knowledge to use, and my level of confidence in my own abilities, and this growth continues to manifest even after completion of the lessons, in exciting ways. I highly recommend this class to all who are looking to bring their experiences to the next level, and beyond!
~ Raushanna de Danu
Second Degree Priestess, Coven of Sacred Mists
Third Degree Dedicant, Sacred Mists College

What an amazing course! There was no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy the course when I signed up, but I had no idea just how much I was going to change and grow from the work put before me, or really the work that I did. A student of The Progressive Magic Course will find that Janet and Gavin are not only knowledgeable teachers, but dedicated guides. The chats and online diaries are a part of the course that I learned so much from, and am so glad were available to us. Plus, the homework really pulled so much out of me, and the pathworkings... oh the pathworkings! Intense and amazing... The material presented and what one learns in this course really teaches the 'how', 'what' and 'whys' of magic from the first lesson on. Many thank you's to Janet and Gavin for leading me down the path of knowledge, wisdom and magic once again!
~ Tamrha
For me, a class offered by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone didn't require any thinking before signing up, and I wasn't disappointed in the least! Progressive Magic was a wonderful and very rewarding course. The lessons are detailed and full of amazing information and depth. Practical exercises, including energy work and pathworkings are powerful and challenging. They certainly pushed me to grow and stretch during each lesson and exercise. I learned so much during this course; about myself, and what "Progressive Magic" is all about! Live chats with Janet and Gavin are invaluable, and are available through Sacred Mists even after one finishes the course. I still attend the chats regularly! :-) I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow and delve deep. Sign up! You won't regret it, I promise!
~ WolfSong

I was very excited to take this class in the beginning and that feeling continued through the course!!! Each lesson expanded on the last one. I found this to be a very challenging class in that the exercises and path work took me to new realms ~ literally! The path work led to a more visual and sensory perception ability than I ever imagined that I had. I would strongly recommend this course!
~ RiverWillow
Progressive Magic is an amazing course. One that I can't stop singing the praises of. Each lesson was full of information. It challenged and pushed me to grow in so many areas. It challenged me to really know myself. The practical exercises are energizing and the pathworkings will take you to new and different levels. Janet and Gavin always gives great feedback. This is a wonderful course from wonderful people. If anyone wants to grow and really learn about the workings of witchcraft, this is the course to take. I highly recommend it.
~ Mystical Nightshadow

I have been practicing and studying magick for many years now. I stopped for some time and recently felt a great need to get back to that part of life that I had (almost) left behind. I decided to try and find something online that would fit me and my schedule. I have Wiccan and Pagan (and other) friends who all helped me look for the best online school. After a lot of searching I find this program far superior to any other in its system, content, and outline. Here’s the fun part: I just started and found a secret door. This is very important because as I have said I have some background. The program is designed to give the information needed and it teaches the student to also grow and learn of themselves within the program. Not just book after book of reading and some Ritual. Here’s the secret part: it worked! I am just starting and I already have had a great experience in the first lesson!
~ Llaviel

What an amazing course and journey I have found! When I first saw the Progressive Magic Seminar offered by Janet & Gavin there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to sign up right away. How could I pass this chance up? So I signed up first thing! And to have live chats with Janet & Gavin, a magickal and wonderful opportunity! After I signed up I was so nervous, questioning how I was going to study from them, with them guiding me the entire way. They are both wonderful and so insightful! I was at the bookstore purchasing another handful of books and the lady at the counter asked if I had heard of Janet Farrar and suggested that I grab a book by her. I smiled and told her that I already had all her books. She told me that Janet's writings were amazing. I felt like myself get lighter like I was starting to float and got all giggly like a kid and told her that I was taking an online seminar with Janet & Gavin and there were chats and amazing feedback. Her jaw dropped. I am very lucky, as we all are, to have this magickal opportunity. Thank You so much for your guidance!
~ Oshuyn
Second Degree Dedicant of Sacred Mists

The Progressive Magic course was an amazing journey! I have learned so much from Janet and Gavin during the course and have signed on to be an ongoing member of the group. I first had the pleasure of meeting and "chatting" with Janet and Gavin during online seminars they lead here at Sacred Mists. They were lovely and very down to earth, yet so incredibly knowledgeable I was humbled to be able to hear them speak, and to have them answer questions in such a relaxed atmosphere. When it was announced that they would be offering a 7 month certification course on Progressive Magic I jumped at the opportunity. What an experience! I have learned how to connect with the elements in a deeper way than I thought possible, and have met guides that I have been able to work with to gain a better understanding of the Craft. The knowledge I gained from this course is something I can use on a day to day basis to connect with the God and Goddess, and it is very complementary to the teachings I am learning through my studies as a student here in the Degree program here at Sacred Mists.
In love and light,
~ Isobeail

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