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For many years Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone have been running covens. Most people will be aware of this from reading their books, particularly The Witches Bible, which was, of course, based on their practical working of a coven in Ireland. In 2001, they formed a new coven, and with it they decided to create a new system of working for a modern age of witchcraft. It had traditional elements, but also taught a system of understanding magic which could be appropriate to the understanding of any tradition of magic. They had been developing this system for several years from experiences of giving workshops around the world, including the United States, Australia and Europe. Eventually this system was to become a series of weekend intensive workshops, called The Inner Mysteries Intensives, the purpose of which was to give an understanding of the Wiccan Mysteries. Through these workshops, they began to notice a yearning by some for teachings related to the more practical side of magic; a deeper understanding of Spellcraft and magic was being requested from them. At the same time they were being asked if they would consider doing correspondence courses by those who, because of practical reasons, were unable to attend the workshops they gave during tours. The internet has now finally given them the opportunity to reach a large audience with the material they have been teaching since the mid 1990’s and they are now bringing these teachings to you at Sacred Mists.

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About Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Janet and Gavin are practicing Wiccans and authors who publish books and share their knowledge on the subjects of Paganism, Magick and Witchcraft. Janet Farrar, along with her husband Stewart (1916-2000), has been writing since 1971 and is recognized as an expert on Witchcraft and the Occult. Gavin joined them in 1993, and has since worked with them on The Pagan Path, The Healing Craft The Complete Encyclopedia of European Gods and Goddesses and their most recent publication, Progressive Witchcraft. To date they have authored eleven books and have been published around the world.

They are active members in The Aquarian Tabernacle Church Ireland and have links with several covens in the United States, Australia and New Zealand and Europe. They have formed an exclusive partnership with Sacred Mists to further their teaching in order to allow a broader audience to participate in their educational opportunities. They run a progressive coven in Ireland called Coven Na Callaighe, a part of Teampall Na Callaighe, which includes as an open worship group.

Their current practical work is in the areas of Spiritism and Trance Prophesy.  Janet is also a professional Tarot Reader and Gavin, an Empathic Spiritual Healer.

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Progressive Magic: A Course in Practical Modern Witchcraft
By Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Progressive Magic: A Course in Practical Modern Witchcraft By Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone ~ Read Our Student Testimonials ~ The Progressive Magic Course was designed for those from an intermediate to advanced level who want to take the next step in their understanding of magic. Janet and Gavin would like to point out that it is not for beginners, but for those who are already familiar with the terminology of modern Wicca and Magical practice. The course is staged in seven lessons and the structure of the course itself is an integral part of the teaching as it uses a magical energy system and cosmology based on seven. For this reason alone it can be considered a truly ‘holistic’ course in that it brings together the many facets of magic into one understandable system appropriate to the modern age. This is what is meant when they use the term ‘progressive’ in the title of the course. They also point out that this is not a course in Wicca; unless it is appropriate they are not teaching the religious aspects of witchcraft, only those aspects related to the practice of practical magic in a witchcraft context. There are no teachings regarding Wiccan History, Coven Structure, Degrees or Initiation. What they do cover in the seven lessons are the following:

  • What is Magic?
  • The Philosophy and dynamics of Magic.
  • The Psychology of Magic.
  • Magical Laws and Magical Ethics.
  • The Four Elements in Magic.
  • Ether, Mind and Spirit in Magic.
  • How Magic Works: Using and working with Magical Energy and Magical Cosmology.
  • Methods of Spellcraft: Using Correspondences, Magical Scripts and the Creation of Thought Forms.
  • How Magic causes change in the self: The Mysteries related to Magic.
  • Spirit Forms related to Magical Practice: Working with Guides, Guardians and Gods.

Each lesson builds on the previous one to build a system you can understand and work with the course is a journey of discovery into the world of magic and witchcraft, and more importantly your part in it. This is why they have included a large practical element, which includes regular magical energy exercises, as well as pathworkings, which explore the magical cosmology.

Because so many people nowadays have access to magical techniques through magazines and the internet, they like to use the following analogy regarding the role of the witch in the modern era: ‘It is not enough to know how to drive the car: You have to know how the engine works’. Magic is the car, and what Janet and Gavin teach in this course is the mechanics. They feel that it is important for the modern witch to know what to do if something goes wrong, particularly in an age when the majority of witches are now solitary or cyberpagans.

Personal Interaction, Training and Assessment

Through our online message boards and live chat rooms, you will be engaging with Janet and Gavin personally and directly, along with all of your fellow students who will also be taking the Progressive Magic course. Your coursework will be submitted directly to Janet and Gavin, and you will receive personal assessment and commentary directly to you as you progress through the course. Enjoy robust conversation and communication as you explore Progressive Magic with your fellow witches around the world!

Earn Your Certification in Progressive Magic from Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Janet and Gavin have decided to certificate this course, so for this reason there are regular essays and research assignments. To complete the course and be eligible for certification it will be necessary to complete and pass three essays set over the duration of the course, which has a minimum of seven months to complete (however you can take as long as you need to complete the course as there is no maximum) We would like to point out that the certification is really ‘icing on the cake’. What is important is the experience you will gain on this course and, for this reason we expect every student enrolled to keep a Course Diary, a Progressive Magic journal if you will, which will be your blueprint for future magical work.

Janet and Gavin hope you will join them on this journey of magical discovery and look forward to getting to know you. REGISTER NOW


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