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U.S. State Regulations on Reiki Healing

Does Reiki Healing require a license? Good question! It never requires a license when performing it on yourself, however some states do require a license when applying Reiki healing to others. We've done some digging and found the following information. However, the tables and corresponding information below should be used only as a guide. Sacred Mists does not warrant any of the information provided as current nor comprehensive and we are not keeping current on the licensing requirements for each individual state but our own. 

We encourage you to check with your own state and local government agencies for information pertaining to your future Reiki practices and fulfilling any and all requirements necessary prior to  healing or practicing on others. Thank you!

Table Key

*REQUIRED* Indicates that current Board of Massage Therapy requires anyone practicing Reiki to be a certified massage therapist.
LP State Legislation to create Board of Massage is Pending
None No Board, No Pending Legislation
SAFE Indicates that the massage board does not consider Reiki to be massage. Nor are there other special laws restricting your practice.
SAFE* May be local regulations (city or county)
? Board Exists - Disposition Unknown
BI Unknown - being investigated - not known if board exists or if there is pending legislation.

Status by State

State Summery:
Must be Certified: [3] - Reiki Isn't Regulated: [20] - Unknown: [14]
No Board: [4] - Pending Legislation: [8] - Pending Massage Board Decision - (0)

Regular Updates Needed
IDAHO - ??? MONTANA - Needs Your Attention!! SOUTH CAROLINA - ???  
INDIANA - ??? NEVADA - ???  

    Keith Warren, Executive Secretary of the Board has stated that Reiki is not considered massage therapy in this state. (4-18-00) - Address: PO Box 56, Montgomery, AL, 36101-0056, (334) 269-9990.  On Line Definitions  state that a massage therapist is "A person licensed pursuant to this chapter who practices or administers massage therapy or touch therapy modalities to a patron for compensation."
  • ALASKA - None
    As of 4-17-00, Alaska does not have a Board of Massage Therapy, nor pending legislation that we know of.
    Arizona has not yet passed a massage act that we know of. There is no state licensing in the state of Arizona.  It is done city by city.  In Tucson, the licensing is done by the Tucson City Business Licensing Dept.  There is a written and hands on test conducted by a volunteer massage board.  For information in Tucson, contact: Tucson City Licensing, 255 W. Alameda, Tucson, AZ 85701
    520-791-4566. If have information about other cities in Arizona, please share it with us.
  •  ARKANSAS - Unknown - Update Needed.    Board Member Information

    Contact Information:
    Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy
    103 Airways
    Hot Springs, Arkansas 71903-0739
    Phone: (501) 623-0444

    The board of massage therapists are beginning the task of discussing "Rules and Regulations" and will have an in-depth discussion of Reiki at that time. The time of the meeting is not yet known as of this update (05-12-00). The time for masters and practitioners to deal with the Arkansas board of massage therapy is now, before they reach their conclusion.
    Join the Arkansas_Reiki_Coalition Egroup!

     with the Arkansas Board of Massage Therapy will bring you up to date on what we know and will continue to be updated. If your not a member of the Reiki and Spiritual Healing Coalition mailing list, please join!  Also, contact the legal index for regular updates.

    While the Arkansas Law and the Board of Massage have indicated that they feel they regulate all "hands-on bodywork techniques and procedures," they have not committed to a definite "Yes" or "No" in regards to Reiki.

    On Line Info. (No home page)

    Contact: Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy, 103 Airways, Hot Springs, AR, 71903-0739, Phone: (501) 623-0444, Email 

  • DELAWARE - Unknown
    California has not passed a massage act. California is regulated by city or county. There is no know regulation of Reiki in the state of California. However, we need to watch this state to see if pending legislation is introduced. Check with your local cities licensure department to see if there are any local requirements for Reiki masters and Practitioners. With the number of massage therapists in this state and the amount of money involved, it is a matter of time before state legislation is introduce, all though we have no indications at this point that there are any efforts underway.
    There is no board of massage therapy in Colorado. Some counties do regulate massage therapy, others do not.  None, that we know of, regulate Reiki. Massage Parlor Act (includes massage therapist) - is the only state statue we could find about massage therapy.
  • CONNECTICUT - Unknown - Update Needed.
    CT Massage Therapy Inquiries, Dept of Public Health, Tel: 203-566-1284
    Some web info. At: Massage Therapist Licensure
    Contact: Massage Therapy Licensure, Department of Public Health, 410 Capitol Avenue - MS#12APP PO. Box 340308, Hartford, CT 06134-0308, Attention: Tresti Quiller (860) 509-7570
  • DELAWARE - SAFE!- Reiki is not regulated by the board of massage therapy in this state as it fails to meet the legal definition of manipulation of tissue.

    (70 Del. Laws, c. 582, 1.) Title 24, Chapter 53,   5302. Definitions. (6) "Practice of massage and bodywork" shall mean a system of structured touch applied to the superficial or deep tissue, muscle, or connective tissue, by applying pressure with manual means. Such application may include, but is not limited to, friction, gliding, rocking, tapping, kneading, or nonspecific stretching, whether or not aided by massage oils or the application of hot and cold treatments. The practice of massage and bodywork is designed to promote general relaxation, enhance circulation, improve joint mobilization and/or relieve stress and muscle tension, and to promote a general sense of well-being.

  • FLORIDA *Required By Board Of Massage, Not by Florida Law*

    Board of Massage Therapy interpretation requires Reiki Practitioners to be Cert. Massage Therapists, NOT Florida law. Legally Reiki fails to meet the definition of manipulation of tissue. The board's hyperationalized position that "touch equals manipulation" fails to hold water when held up to the light. Action is required to bring about a legal board position related to Reiki. 

    FL Dept of Professional Regulation, Board of Massage Therapy, Tel: 904-488-6021
    Contact: Florida Department of Professional Regulation, Board of Massage, Northwood Center 1940 N. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32399-0774 (904) 488-6021
  • GEORGIA - SAFE - Updated: 09-20-02
  • HAWAII - Unknown
    HI Professional and Vocational Licensing Division, Tel: 808-586-2696
    Contact: State of Hawaii Professional & Vocational Licensing Division Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs PO Box 3469 Honolulu, HI 96801 (808) 586-3000 or (808) 586-2699
  • IDAHO - None
    As of 4-17-00, Idaho has no board of massage therapy, nor pending legislation.
  • ILLINOIS - SAFE - Reiki has been exempted from massage law in the text of the legislation ( 92_HB2271enr ) Updated: 09-20-02
  • INDIANA - Unknown - Update Needed.
    In Fort Wayne: massage therapist must be certified with the city. Other cities may have similar regulations. There is no state board of massage therapy in Indiana. Legislative attempts in the past have not yet been successful. Schools of massage therapy are certified through the state board of proprietary education.
  • IOWA - SAFE!
    Sharon Cook - 515-242-5936 - [Check SF2113 - Sec 147.2 Code 1999]
    Contact: Board of Massage Therapy Examiners, Iowa Department of Public Health, Lucas State Office Bldg.... 4th Floor Des Moines, IA 50319-0075 TEL: (515) 281-6959 Contact: Phylis Prall
    Contact: Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, 235 Topeka Blvd., KS 66603-3068, TEL: (785) 296-7413; FAX: (785) 296-0852 - Massage Therapy is not regulated in Kansas nor is Reiki.
  • KENTUCKY - Unknown - Update Needed.
    No legislation, past or present found on the Kentucky Legislative Search Service. Still investigating. Possible Contact: Cabinet For Health Services, 275 East Main Street, Frankfort, Kentucky, 40621
    LA Board of Massage Therapists, TEL: (225) 658 - 8941
    Contact: Louisiana Board of Massage Therapists, PO Box 1279 Zachary, LA 70791
    ME Dept of Professional and Financial Regulation, Tel: 207-624-8603
    Contact: Marlene McFadden, Department of Professional & Financial Regulation, Licensing & Enforcement Division, 35 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0035 Web:
    Update: 4-20-01: Maryland SB 194, which clarifies that - "Massage Therapy DOES NOT include the laying on of hands consisting of pressure or movement on a fully clothed individual to specifically affect the electromagnetic, energy or energetic field of the human body" was signed into law by Governor Glendenning on Friday, April 20th, 2001. (Thanks to Mary McGovern of Maryland for the update.)

    Update: 6-01-01:
    Maryland House Bill 289 took effect June 1, 2001, exempting Reiki and other energy modalities from Board of Massage authority.  Text of bill

    MASSACHUSETTS - SAFE???? - Updated 09-20-02
    In MA, check with your local City or county office of licensure to see if there are any local regulations that affect Reiki practitioners. If you find out there are some in your city or county, please notify us! []

    If you live in Mass. Please contact the organization below. Thanks!

    Reiki Task Force
    Center for Balance
    709 Washington Street
    Newtonville, MA 02460

City Information:

The City of Lowell, MA - claims you need a license to practice Reiki --- the only license they give is --- right! -- a message license!
Westport, MA - the Board of Health says you don't need any type of license through the town or state because Reiki is not a form of massage therapy. Town of Westport, MA Board of Health: 508-6361015.  856 Main Road, Westport, MA 02790.

Send city information to:! Thanks!
Please include any contact information for the city official you spoke with so we can post it. Thanks!
  • MICHIGAN - Pending Legislation?
    HB5219 - Massage Therapy Act stuck in committee (4-18-00). Involvement now could exclude Reiki from the start!!
    According to your new law (passed in 2000) for unlicensed practitioners, you should fall under its provisions to practice legally as an energy worker...lucky you!! And according to the law's writer, Diane Miller, they intentionally did not list Reiki separately, but rather included it in the category of energy workers.
    From the AMTA in Mississippi - bill introduced in the legislature for the last six years. Was turned down in the senate this year (2000). Looks good for next year. Officially dead this year. 
    ***** Reiki is specifically exempt from this bill *****
    -- Beverly Bazzill, President of the MI AMTA Office number: 662-323-8111

  • MISSOURI - SAFE!- Check out ReikiProjectMissouri  - a group of Reiki masters and practitioners who have come together to form an group that can educate massage boards and other governmental agencies about Reiki. Revised Online Statues:

    --- <<< Reiki is not under board authority in this state.  >> ---

    Division of Professional Registration,
    Massage Therapy Board,
    PO Box 1335,
    Jefferson City,
    MO 65102-1335,
    Tel: 573-751-0845, Fax: 573-751-0878,
  • MONTANA - Pending Legislation - THE HEALTH WORKS INSTITUTE NEWSLETTER talks about getting legislation passed for massage therapy. Reiki Practitioners in Montana may want to have Reiki specifically excluded from this bill. If you are interested in networking with folks in Montana, please contact: .

    Health Works Institute
    111 South Grand, Annex 3
    Bozeman, MT 59715
    Phone: (406) 582-1555
    Fax: (406) 522-0493
    Web site:

  • NEBRASKA - ?
    NE Bureau of Examining Boards, Dept. of Health, Tel: 402-471-2115
    Contact: Health and Human Services Credentialing Division PO Box 94986 Lincoln, NE 68509-4986 Attention: Chris Chiles (402) 471-2115
  • NEVADA - PENDING- Was in very early stages of writing a bill that was scheduled to be introduced  in 2000 or 2001. Updated Needed.

           The situation in Nevada is a confusing one. While there is no state board of massage therapy nor pending legislation, sources close to the Los Vegas chapter of the AMTA has informed us that the AMTA has hired a consultant to write legislation to be introduced this year or next (2000 or 2001). Preliminary indications are that cities and counties, which currently regulate massage therapy, also require Reiki masters and practitioners to be certified massage therapists. This has not yet been confirmed however. To complicate matters, with prostitution legal in some cities, local attitudes are that all healing modalities need to be regulated in order to keep a control on the prostitution. Chances are that in this state, legislation will require Reiki masters and practitioners to be certified massage therapists. We will keep digging into local regulations as well as legislative efforts in this state. If you live in Nevada, please check with your city or county about regulations affecting Reiki. Let us know what city or county you checked on and what there requirements are or aren't. We'll add the information the National Survey. Now might be a real good time for those in Nevada to organize a group that will work with those creating the legislation which will be introduced this year or next. With regulations affecting Reiki a the county and city level, you can bet it'll be included at the state level, too.

    Seems that massage therapy is currently under the authority of C.O.P.E., the Commission on Proprietary Education. Some information found at: NV Admin. Code 394.535 Massage schools: Programs of instruction.

  • New Hampshire - Sort of Safe! - Updated: 08-21-02
    NH Dept. of Public Health, Bureau of Health Facilities Admin., Tel: 603 - 271- 5127
    Contact: New Hampshire Office of Program Support Health Facilities Administration Health & Welfare Bldg... 6 Hazen Dr. Concord, NH, 03301-6527

    When practicing Reiki, if you will be touching people, you need some sort of license -- a massage license or a physical therapist license - some license. It appears that the issue is not so much the modality but whether or not the body is touched. So, if you do not touch people, you don't need any license.

    The New Jersey board of massage therapists have no interest in regulating Reiki. Some work has been done by a private group seeking to certify Reiki under the auspices of a group called the
    NJ Assoc. of Massage Therapists, Body Workers and Somato Therapists, which would somehow report back to the state Board of Nursing.  The problem is that with no standard practices for the training or practice of Reiki providers, there's nothing upon which the Board of Nursing or anyone else can base certification. The closest anyone can suggest is polarity, and I think it would be ridiculous to certify Reiki practitioners based on a technique that's anything other than pure Reiki -- as is the case with massage, too.
    Reiki is specifically exempted from massage regulation in the Board of Massage Therapy Rules.
    NM Board of Massage Therapy
    Tel: 505-827-7013 - Members of the Board
    Contact: Board of Massage Therapy Regulation & Licensing Department, PO Box 25101, Santa Fe, NM 87504, (505) 827-7013
    Thanks for the information Don!
    Reiki was previously considered massage. After seeing a standard Reiki treatment, the New York Board of Massage Therapy reversed it's opinion and declared "...Reiki not massage." NY Board for Massage Therapy   Education Dept, Division of Professional Licensing, Tel: 518-474-3866, New York State Board of Massage Therapy has ruled that Reiki is not massage. Contact: New York State Board of Massage Therapy Cultural Education Center Room 3041 Albany, NY 12230 Attention: Dr. Doyle (518) 473-1417 or (518) 474-3866
       Pursuant to Rule Section .0203, the Board considers practitioners of movement education (Alexander Technique, Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais Method, and Trager Psychophysical Integration), as well as practitioners of certain energy-based techniques (Healing Touch, Jin Shin, Medical Qi Gong, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Specific Kinesiology, and Therapeutic Touch), to be within the scope of the exemptions set forth in the Practice Act and are therefore exempt from licensure requirements.  
        Following threats of legal action by polarity therapists, the North Carolina State Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy exempted almost a dozen energy and movement therapies from the 1998 law.
  • NORTH DAKOTA -*Required* -Board of Massage Therapy interpretation requires Reiki Practitioners to be Cert. Massage Therapists, NOT North Dakota law. 
    Contact: North Dakota Massage Board, PO Box 701, Dickenson, ND 58601, Attention: Mary Lamay, President of the Board (701) 348-3634
  • OHIO - Unknown - Update Needed.
    Contact: State Medical Board, 77 South High St., 17th floor, Columbus, OH, 43215, (614) 466-3934 - Contact: Carolyn Mack
  • OKLAHOMA - Unknown - Update Needed.
  • OREGON - Unknown - Update Needed.
    Oregon Board of Massage Technicians, State Office Building, 800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 407B, Portland, OR, 97232 Attention: Wanda Woods (503) 731-4064

    East-West College of Healing Arts
    Call 1-800-635-9141
  • RHODE ISLAND - Legislation exempts Reiki from massage board.
  • SOUTH CAROLINA - ? - Update Needed.
    South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation, PO Box 11329, Columbia, SC 29211-1329 or 110 Centerview Drive, Koger Business Center, Columbia, SC 29210, (843) 896-4494
  • SOUTH DAKOTA - None - As of 4-17-00, it does not appear that South Dakota has a massage board, nor pending legislation. Things are handled county by county. Check your county out and let us know!
    TN Board of Massage Therapy - Tel: 615-532-5083
    Tennessee Massage Licensure Board, 425 Fifth Avenue North, 1st Floor Cordell Hull Building, Nashville, TN 37247-1010
  • TEXAS - Reiki excluded in Board of Massage Therapy rules. - SAFE!
  • UTAH - SAFE - UT Dept of Commerce, Div. of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Tel: 801-530-6628 - State of Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing Heber M. Wells Bldg..., 4th Floor 160 E. 300 South, PO Box 45805, Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0805 Attention: Linda Johnson (801) 530-6551

  • VERMONT - SAFE!! -- Reiki in Vermont is not regulated, nor is massage. Neither are mentioned in state laws or regulations. In fact, under the laws regulating psychotherapists, energy therapies and psychic reading and the like are specifically excluded from regulation under this section. Please see the Vermont Laws online at the Vermont State homepage. They are searchable in great detail, and I have done so. There may be a few communities that regulate or attempt to regulate massage and Reiki. Some prohibit " arcane oriental arts". These communities rarely exercise such rules, and these rules are gradually failing legally. I would consider Vermont to be a "safe" state.

    Lawton R. Smith RM

    Email -
    Homepage -


  • VIRGINIA - SAFE? - Update Needed.
    This issue has not been addressed in Virginia. Reiki practitioners do not need to be certified massage therapists in Virginia. For statute information, check URL:  - Contact: Virginia Board of Nursing, 6606 W. Broad St. Richmond, VA 23230 (804) 662-9909
    WA Dept. Of Health, Health Professions Quality Assurance Div.
    Email: - Contact: Rob Darling (360) - 236 - 4866
    State of Washington Department of Health, HPQA Division Health Professions, 1300 SW Quince Street, PO Box 47868, Olympia, WA 98504-7868
    Revised Code of Washington 18.108 - Washington Administrative Code 246-830
    WV Massage Therapy - Contact: (304) 528-5551 - Louise Franklin (Huntington, WV)
  • WASHINGTON, DC - SAFE! - Updated 09-21-02

  • WISCONSIN - Unknown - Update Needed.
    Department of Regulation & Licensure, 1400 E. Washington Avenue, PO Box 8935, Madison, WI 53708, Tel: 608/266-8609, Fax: 608/267-0644
  • WYOMING - Unknown - Update Needed.

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